Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pottery and Demo at the Farmer's Market

My wife, Deb, does pottery; today she demonstrated her throwing prowess at the local Ashland Farmer's Market, and also sold some of her wares.

Everyone loves to watch a potter!  There is something truly amazing how she crafts a beautiful bowl from a lump of clay.  As you can tell from the photos, children and adults are enthralled by watching this process.  Deb had some help from one of her students, Tonya, who also threw some pots.

If you'd like to learn and see more about Deb's pottery, go to Debra's pottery site:

Practiced Hands Make It Look All too Easy

That's Really Neat How You Do That

A Dedicated Observer.  He followed the process closely from start to finish.

The Crowd Watches On;  And Deb Isn't Even Looking at her Pot

Tonya Shows Us Her Throwing Style

Art For Sale

A Proud New Owner of an Original Piece of Deb's Pottery

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  1. That was lots of fun! Thanks for capturing some of it. I am back there again with wheel and different pottery: 7/18 and 8/29.