Friday, June 26, 2015

Strange Bugs

We got some rain last night, so it seemed a good time to capture some water drops on flower petals.  While doing so, a strange bug decided to capture my interest in the viewfinder.

All Legs and Antenna

A Closer Look

This is more like what I had in mind:
Sans Bug

Since the sun was hitting the garden just right, I took a fresh look around.  I noticed a new tiny (less than one inch) flower that seemed very photo worthy.

Jumbled Inside

Though taken on another day, this photo of a strange bug seems worthy of including here, given today's blog title:
You Can See Right Through Me

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  1. "Jumbled Inside" is incredible, but I love them all!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

  3. It is amazing what is around us all of the time...we don't take the time to look closely and see these unusual things!