Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Summer Day

Today's post contains all pictures taken today, a typical summer day for me.  I began with a walk around the reservoir, capturing some Queen Anne's Lace, yet again, this time with some wonderfully colored insects visiting, followed by several shots in the garden and other photos taken during our walk around the neighborhood later in the day.  This was an overcast day, without bright sun.

This is a photo of water only!

Branch Reflections

Colorful Visitor and Tiny Friend

Black and White Stripes With Reddish Brown Translucent Wings

One of my favorites:

Pure Queen Anne's Lace

Masterful Design

The next three photos are of our Crocosmia in our front yard.  Very tropical!

Depth of Field Demonstration

Fine Color and Stucture


Busy Center

Here's a tighter crop on the same photo:

Central Nervous System

Athletic Neighbor Having Fun

 I once heard a news story that black dogs are less likely to be selected from shelters because they don't photograph well! Absurd, wouldn't you agree?

Well Behaved Friend

Late day light was still good enough to show us this local color.

Delicate Display

A closer crop:

Little Skis in the Air

Sunsets don't have to be red to be enjoyable.

Evening Sky to End the Day

All photos © 2015, all rights reserved.  Contact me for licensing or to order prints.

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