Saturday, July 18, 2015

Artists Displaying Their Craft, and Those That Watch

Deb participated in the Natick ArtWalk and at the Ashland Farmer's Market (AFM), showing off her throwing skills and selling some pottery.  I enjoy watching people's faces as they watch Deb.  Children love watching this stuff with total and complete fascination.  Adults get a kick as well.

From the ArtWalk:

Five Crows Invited Deb to Throw in Front of the Store

One Handed Finish

Onlooker's Delight

These Engaged Reviewers Seem Likely to Give a Thumbs Up

Mother and Daughter Look On

I strolled down the street - it was an art walk after all - and found this singing duo.  What a nice smile for the camera!
Singing Duo Plus Dog

From the AFM:

Deb's Student Olga Throwing at the AFM

Onlookers Watch Olga Demonstrating Good Form

It was Indian Arts and Culture Day at the AFM.  I loved watching and listening to the Indian music. The long multi-fretted instrument which has a balloonish looking thing hanging near the top of the neck is called a Veena.

Well Dressed Musicians

Yet Another Gifted Musician

Several Younger Children Performed; This is a Mridangam Drum

Beautiful Colors

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