Monday, July 6, 2015

Before and After

Generally speaking, I usually keep my post processing to a minimum, and share images little changed from their "out of the camera" version. Mostly I'll adjust a few Lightroom sliders to improve the dynamic range and/or contrast of an image to give a little more punch, but I try not to go too crazy.

Just for fun, here's an image I took in a skateboard park, before I decided to modify it in Photoshop. I rarely use Photoshop, and I did only a mediocre job with it here, but it is amusing what I was able to do.

Skilled Skateboarder Performing a Trick

I wasn't happy with the way the bicycle rider's head was directly behind the skateboarder's hand.  And this was after I defocused the bicyclist's upper torso and head slightly in Lightroom.  So I round tripped from Lightroom into Photoshop and back and here's what I came up with:

A "Cleaner" Trick; The Cyclist Has Vanished

Here's an instance where I liked the "Before" shot composition just fine, but wanted to create another perspective with a different emphasis for variation:

Beetle and Flower

Here's the second version, created in Lightroom by simply rotating and cropping closer.  This version is more about the beetle than the flower.

Beetle Displaying its Colors and Texture

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