Friday, July 3, 2015

Evening Grocery Trip Side Benefit

An after dinner grocery shopping trip had an unexpected benefit: I happened to be traveling past a picturesque spot at sunset.  Thankfully, I had my "backup" Panasonic ZS-40 camera in the car.  So I pulled over and took some photos.  There were two other photographers and one fisherman at the site.  The fisherman informed me the previous night's sunset was equally enjoyable.

Not only was the sunset wonderful, but the first photo shows a Great Blue Heron appreciating the nearby waterfall.  I was amused that the two other photographers, who were also photographing the Great Blue Heron, were using gigantic heavy lenses on their "full frame" and APS-C gear. One had a 500mm lens that must have been three feet long; I never got a proper answer on the focal length of other one, which was also a few feet in length.  Little did they realize my travel zoom (with its smaller sensor) has a 720mm lens on it, and the entire camera fits in my pocket.

Enjoy the photos!

Foot Massage

Sunset View 1

Sunset View 2

Sunset View 3

Sunset View 4

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  1. We are blessed if we have we can see sunsets like these pictures capture. So amazing.

  2. "Sunset view one" is stunning! Love those colors.