Thursday, July 9, 2015

More Birds

I had photographed some additional birds that somehow didn't make yesterday's post. Perhaps I missed them because they're not exactly the world's greatest bird photos. Nevertheless, birds they are, and so I proudly present them in today's post.

While I may already have been familiar with say, Cardinals, prior to my recent interest in birding, taking photos of birds and then identifying those birds from the photos helps me learn more birding. There are many excellent online birding resources. I've found that the Cornell site,, is one of my favorites for identifying and learning about birds.

You'll note that the Northern Cardinal in the following picture is not fully red, but could also be considered an orange color, faithfully reproduced by the camera.  It seems the exact coloring may be related to its diet.

Northern Cardinal (Male) Showing a Splash of Color Mid-Winter

Grey Catbird Seen on One of my Regular Nature Walks

Mourning Dove - We Hear Them Every Morning

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  1. As you (we) pay more and more attention to birds, we notice their songs and calls. We were challenged by a loud haunting bird call that we thought could be an owl or a loon...not sure. But with research, we discovered it to be a Mourning Dove! (We learned loons are only in the water...not up high in a tree where this sound was coming from.)