Monday, July 13, 2015

Moving Water Drops

I've got some water drop pictures that having nothing to do with morning dew after a rainstorm like the last post.

Unknown Dog Shaking Water Off Doesn't Look So Friendly

This Horse Loved to Splash in the Water

Here's a picture of my smiling spouse doing one of the things she loves best: picking really local and organic food.  If you look closely, you can see the movement of the rain drops.

Deb Picking Some Cherries From our Very Productive Cherry Tree

This one is interesting in that I wanted to freeze the sprinkler spray so I could see the water drops, but it was very late in the day and it was getting dark.   This is the "out of the camera" jpeg:

Out of Camera JPG

Not too useful, right?  This was shot with my Olympus EM-5 MkII with 12-40 lens at 1/2000 sec.

While I shoot mostly raw files now, this happened to be a jpeg only image.  Could I save it, even though it's a jpeg?  What do you think?

Neighbor's Sprinkler in Action

It is amazing the amount of image information that is buried in the shadows, even in a jpeg.

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