Friday, July 10, 2015


We got a lot of rain last night. Our water gauge suggests it was three inches of water!  Not sure if that's accurate, but everything outside definitely got wet.
Here are some photos in the "water" theme.

For much of the recent winter, we saw a lot of icicles. Too many actually. This one was outside our bedroom window.

Abstract in Ice

Cold Reservoir

End of Winter Formation

At the same time of year when the above photos were taken, the following set of photos capture what was going on in California.

Golden California Sun

A popular February activity in California:

Not Me

Spray Away

Waiting for the Big One Among the Sparkles

Back in Massachusetts, the reservoir on a quiet morning served up this reflection.  I was concerned that this thing was going to bite me:

Scary Rock

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1 comment:

  1. I love water!

    Your great pictures capture some of the wonderful things we get from water: beauty (from reflections and its frozen state), entertainment (from reflections and recreational activities), and cooling when it is hot out.

    I know you have more pictures coming about water...showing it as a habitat for living creatures, and a maker of food which all living creatures benefit from.

    Thank you water!