Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Local Color

Not to be outdone by "Western MA", this post demonstrates that my usual hiking/walking spot for photos is no slouch when it comes to showing off local color.

Interestingly, these photos at the Ashland Res. were taken on a mostly cloudy day.

Leaves Everywhere

Even More Leaves Everywhere

A Bit of Blue

This Section of the Res is Separate from the Main Body of Water

Through the Trees One (crop of Two)

Through the Trees Two

Squiggly Branch

Wall of Yellow

Path Leaves

Another Wall of Yellow

Yellow Everywhere

End of the Res

All photos © 2015, all rights reserved.  Contact me for licensing or to order prints.


  1. The leaves on the water look amazing!

  2. Phil's photographs are amazing. In addition, I like the descriptions he provides of the places/situations he photographs, and the often amusing titles he gives his photographs. Although I love the nature shots, I think he does a great job of capturing facial expressions. All of this reflects very well on how he views life. I like this insight into who he is - a quality person. I appreciate him sharing his perspectives with us.

    1. Thanks for your very kind comment! I'm glad you enjoy the photos and my view of the world.