Sunday, October 4, 2015

Medfield Day

Towns in this part of Massachusetts like to declare a special day each year, usually in September, to celebrate their existence.  I had the good fortune to attend "Medfield Day" a few weeks back. Of course, there were several other towns celebrating the same day as their town day as well. It turns out that Medfield really knows how to throw a proper Town Day celebration.  It was extremely well attended, and many of the activities were designed for kids. The weather was outstanding.

In addition, Deb was invited to do a pottery demo by the Cultural Alliance of Medfield and sell some wares.

My view on events follows below.

Downtown Medfield has a rather nice water feature.  There were varied booths along all sides.

Blue Meets Blue

Splash of Color

Of all the activities I observed at the celebration, I was most pulled in by watching the kids completely engrossed in painting pumpkins, especially when the painters themselves had already had their faces painted.  There was just too much fun going on here!  See for yourself.

Let's Get Dirty

Nice Face Paint Job

Mixing Green

Red Tones Surround Her Butterfly Face


Total Concentration

You Gotta Love That Expression

Shiny Fire Engine Gauges

Steady Hand

Here's the face painting artist herself.  I wonder who painted her face?

Glitter at Work

Almost Done

This girl takes her face painting very seriously. Her mother, who was standing right next to me, told me this. Such intensity!

The Effect is Complete

As always, Deb gets many interested onlookers who find the clay throwing process intriguing.

Parallel Viewing

This highly cropped photo is a self portrait if you look closely into the lenses.  That's me kneeling to take the shot. You can see Deb throwing too.

Artist's Hands

This next one might just be my favorite shot of all the day's pictures. Gifted hands.

How an Artist Plays With Mud

Scrunched Face Onlooker

Is that Cool or What?

How Does She Do That?

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