Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wide-ish Angle at the Res

Normally I use my 150-600mm equivalent lens when I walk around the "Res" to take pictures of ducks and other wildlife, but on this occasion I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and see what a wider angle might bring me.  This is the polar opposite of shooting close up details of everything which is my usual photographic leaning.  While I don't have a true "wide angle" lens, my Olympus 12-40mm pro lens is fairly wide angle-ish on the short end, where its 24mm equiv. focal length does begin to distort things a bit and gives one that classic wide angle perspective.  All photos on this page were taken with the 12-40 lens.  I had my 75-300mm lens with me as well on the day I took these photos, but I never had the urge to swap lenses.

Part of my inspiration for trying to take more wide angle photos is that my son took some outstanding wide angle shots on one of his recent hiking treks into the Sierra wilderness.  I really appreciated the beauty in this form of photographic expression.

Do you agree?

A Stand of Trees

View of the Island

Curved Shoreline

At Reservoir's End

I love that I can shoot at f2.8 and freeze water with this lens on a not very bright day.  This shot was at 1/500 sec. at ISO 200.

Dog Fishing Action Shot

Drip, Drip

Low Perspective


Duck Wake

Other Worldly

Branch and Leaves Over Water

Dam Glow

Don't Trip on the Roots


Late Sun

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  1. Great pictures! I love, "triangles" and "view of the island"

  2. Great pictures! I love, "triangles" and "view of the island"

  3. Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!