Monday, January 18, 2016

Wet Leaves Show Their Stuff

I take great joy in photographing ordinary things in such a way as to encourage us to take notice. On a cold dreary November day I was motivated to capture the beauty of leaves lying on our deck. The mostly flat surfaces were ideal for macro lens photos because I didn't have to "fight" against the extremely narrow depth of field. I was rewarded with a fairly large portion of each photo being in focus, compared to the more standard macro result of only a tiny sliver of depth of field being in focus.

Not only that, the leaves revealed themselves to be marvelously intricate. And the water drops acted as magnifiers to study their surface.


Yellow Leaf with Morning Dew

Yellow Leaf with Morning Dew 2

Morning Dew Leaf Collage

Fork in the Leaf

Bloody Leaf 1

Blood Leaf 2

Green Yellow Leaf with Morning Dew

Drops on Veins

Nature's Parabola
 (Pardon the math reference; I couldn't help myself. For those that are still confused, the red leaf in the above photo forms an open parabola to the right, containing a lovely dew drop along with all else to the right.)

This next photo is a different crop from the original photo used above!
Yellow Brown Leaf with Magnifiers

Dew Drops Make Leaf Veins 3D

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