Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Arizona Encore

I still have some photos from my December Arizona trip that I'd like to share, and that is the purpose of this blog entry.

This first picture was taken at Sabino Canyon, and reflects classic Arizona scenery.

Sabino View

These next two shots are of a hummingbird at Tucson's Desert Museum. They are cropped considerably and thus have lost a bit of detail relative to what I'd prefer. This is what happens when one goes to the zoo with the wrong lens:) I shot these with my 12-40mm; next time I go zoo visiting I'll bring my longest lens!

Hummingbird Side View

Hummingbird Front View

This next picture is blurry and taken through the glass side window of the car while moving. Despite that, I still wanted to share the look of those nice Arizona sun rays.

Sun Rays

This next photo is kind of an experiment dealing with a relatively tight crop on some grasses, and adjusting the colors a bit.

Grasses Alit

Bird Down Under

American Coots are unusual looking birds that appeal to me for some reason that I can not explain. In these photos I enjoy the colors and patterns in their surrounding water as well.

American Coot in Water Circles

Horizontal Coot Flow

American Coot Pushing Water

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