Thursday, July 14, 2016

January in July

It's hot around here in July, so I thought I'd cool things down a bit by blogging some winter photos. Today's post contains photos all taken earlier this year, in January.

Here's one of a set of focus-bracketed photos of a tree in the woods. One unexpected side effect of getting several shots all with a slightly different focus point, is that, even if I don't combine them, I can pick the one with the most pleasing focus point.

Ringed Tree

Winter Path

The next two photos are taken at Ashland Res. They are actually taken with my Nexus 5x cell phone!

Reflected Sky

Sky on Ice

The next set of photos are from Lake Waban, at Wellesley College. I was lucky to be there when a large number of ducks decided to visit.

Ducky Brigade

Takeoff Zone


Feather Pattern

Skimming the Surface

Duck Turbulence

Ducky Playtime

Color Spread


This next set is at Halibut State Park in Rockport.  If you look very closely, you'll see the ducks on the ice near the center of the photo. The first two pictures that follow were also taken with my Nexus 5x cell phone.

Ice Quarry Blue

For perspective, that's Deb in the white coat on the left:


Quarry Sample

Waves on Rocks 1

Waves on Rocks 2

Waves on Rocks 3

Waves on Rocks 4

Exploring Dog

Pool by the Ocean

Blocks on Ice

All photos © 2016, all rights reserved.  Contact me for licensing or to order prints.