Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dragonfly Festival 2016 Take Two

After reviewing my photos from yesterday's Dragonfly Festival, I decided several more are blogworthy, and therefore decided this follow-on post was in order.

In addition I meant to mention in yesterday's post that conditions were not particularly ideal for taking photos: bright sunny day it was not, at least during the time Deb and I visited the Festival. Usually it rains a little before it rains a lot, but not yesterday. We were treated to a rare "instant deluge" of rain! Fortunately, most vendors had tent tops, and most of the Festival attendees made their way quickly under the nearest tent when the deluge began. I was able to do the same, though not until my camera equipment managed to get a little wet. Fortunately, my gear is designed to be "weatherproof", so after a quick wipe off, and waiting for the rain to stop, I was able to continue my photo taking.

As mentioned, the darker skies created extra difficulty for some of my shots. Many photos in yesterday's post and this post are at ISO 3200 and ISO 6400. Also, unlike my photos at last year's Dragonfly Festival, this year I decided to take many with my 75-300mm (150-600mm equivalent) telephoto lens. So, while I could "bring the action in closer" for my shots, a few of them were not quite as sharp as I'd like since highly zoomed shots normally require much faster shutter speeds and that's hard to do successfully on a dark day, where one needs to let as much light in through the lens as possible.

This next photo is the only one in this post taken with my 12-40mm lens.

Closer View of Dancer

Idyllic Setting

Brass Player

Sharing Under the Rain

Pushing Off Rain Water With Several Helpers

Dragonfly Festival Organizers Steve and Andrea Enjoying the Event

Dragonfly Studio Color

Gabrielle and Other Vendors

That's Chuck on the left in this next photo. I didn't realize he was in the shot 'till later. He's the official inventor of the floating fire devices.
Street Scene One

Street Scene Two

Water View

Scary Horns

Street Scene Three

Natural Designs

Wooden Delights

Gabrielle Enjoying the Day

Happy Potters

Dragonfly Peeking Out from Behind Tree

More Dragonflies Hanging Around

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