Friday, October 28, 2016

Cushing Park and Farm Pond

Cushing Memorial Park and Farm Pond are adjacent recreational areas for enjoying nature, taking a brisk walk (or a slow one), rollerblading, biking, and/or running. Cushing is on the grounds of a retired military hospital. The hospital buildings no longer exist other than a small church and few small out buildings. Though Cushing Park has mile markers and a paved 1.5 mile loop, there's no path to walk or run all the way around Farm Pond. One can go partway, ... actually "across" Farm Pond, by walking (or running) along a "breakwater" near one end.

Good leaf color and a sunny day make for an unbeatable combination to enjoy a fall picture-taking session.

Moon Above

Often times, clouds make photos a lot more interesting than a solid blue sky. I was lucky to visit Cushing on such a day.

Sky Painting 1

Sky Painting 2

Color Mix

Sky Painting 3

Many Ring-billed gulls enjoy the scenery at Farm Pond.

Birds Over Pads

No Mid-Air Collisions

Path to Walk on Water

Tail Fan

Partner Flying

Flying into Color

Water Life

Entering Leaf Central

Reaching to the Sky

Park Bend

Complementary Colors

Turning Leaves

Direct Lighting

Patchy Clouds

Fall Beckons

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