Sunday, January 15, 2017

Backyard Raptor

On a recent morning, staring out a back window, Deb discovered a raptor perched on a nearby tree consuming "breakfast", consisting of a small bird. While I didn't take any photos of the "eating" event itself, the raptor did decide to perch for a while afterwards. During this time, I snapped some photos through the glass of a closed window. Through-the-window pictures are often a bit hazy, but I tried to salvage them as best I could with a bit of post-processing. We didn't want to open the window, because we were sure that would scare the bird away. To make matters more challenging, at least from a photographer's perspective, the bird was essentially in deep shade except for some mild sunlight that finally decided to present itself for a few of the photos. We've since identified the subject as a Cooper's Hawk. (Please comment if you feel that identification is incorrect.) While one photo is probably all that is needed here, I thought I'd present a few different shots, with different compositions and camera settings.

All photos are taken handheld, with the Olympus 75-300mm telephoto lens.

Cooper's Hawk
1/800 at f10, ISO 1600, 300 mm (600 mm equiv.)

On Heightened Alert
1/60 at f10, ISO 200, 228 mm

Tail Feathers
1/2500 at f10, ISO 4000, 258 mm

Looking Left
1/800 at f11, ISO 1600, 300 mm

Landscape View
1/800 at f11, ISO 1600, 300 mm

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