Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Eyeball These

Mother's Day brought us to a place called "Fields of Flowers" in Westfield, Mass where we bought some plants for my mother-in-law. While Deb and her mom went around buying various perennials, I snapped a few shots.

Plant Glow

Believe it or not, there's a type of Ice Plant called Delosperma Fire Spinner. Is that like an oxymoron or something?

Fire and Ice

Fuchsia plants have incredibly highly saturated colors, including fuchsia, of course. It is a bit difficult to take a macro photo (without focus stacking) of a complete Fuchsia flower because it is a large flower and distance from the lens varies a lot. Here I decided to highlight the folds. If you sort of squint and look at the lower leftish side of this image you might see why I gave this photo the title I did.

Purple Heart

A lot of little explosions going on in this one:

White Sparklers

At this point, we returned to my in-laws' house to plant the newly purchased flowers. Deb does that part, and she's very good at it. Meanwhile I take pictures. The blue sky pulled me in to take this next shot of the wonderful Dogwood already residing on the property.

Dogwood Delight

Essence of Lilac

This little guy decided to visit next to Deb while she planted the flowers in the bed. Do you know the difference between a frog and a toad? In this case, the rough skin gives it away. This is a toad.

Jumping Visitor

This is a different shot where I got in closer. I'd guesstimate the toad was around 3 inches in length. I was glad he didn't decide to jump on my lens.

Had a Few Too Many

And, finally, an example of a planted plant, comfortable in its new location.

Purple Curls

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