Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Garden That Doesn't Quit

I happen to know an excellent gardener who happens to live in the same house with me. Deb has done an amazing job finding beautiful plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees for our garden. I stroll outside almost every day, camera in hand, to see what I find that might look good in a photograph.

Today's post has some recent shots of a few favorite plants of ours.

All these photos were taken with my 60mm macro lens; they are taken handheld, and with natural light.

This first set of photos are of Solomon's Seal.

Hanging Seal Pods

Pods in Space

Solomon's Arch

Leaf Lines


Deb's sister, Carol, gave us some purple (sometimes called 'blue') phlox. It provides a wonderful ground cover in one of our garden areas. It is usually seen "en masse", but for this post I thought I'd get in a little closer:

Phlox Display

Phlox Cover

Phlox Above

Predator Among the Phlox

These next two are of a plant we got from Alison. We call it the "Alison plant".

Red Meets Green

Red Fingers

While the "Money plant", seen in these next photos, is mostly known for it's silver dollar shaped appendages, I find that its spring blooms are quite photogenic.

Joyful Money Plant

In addition to the fun shadow shape on the blade, the flat round seed pods for which the Money Plant gets its name can be seen in an early stage in this last photo.

Money Plant Making Shadow Designs

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