Saturday, June 3, 2017

Turkey Mom

We recently discovered that we have a turkey sitting in our backyard atop at least six eggs. She is waiting for them to hatch, which is a 28 day adventure, rotating them once per day, and keeping their temperature up so her chicks will arrive safely into the world.

Her chosen spot is fairly well hidden, and, in fact, Deb only discovered the turkey sitting there when she quite accidentally startled it, and it flew away, which in turn startled Deb a great deal because it was only two feet from her head. Fortunately, now that we know the turkey is sitting there, we can be extra careful when walking around the yard.

There is a view point up above her, where we can stand and see her more clearly nestled in the foliage, and not bother her too much.  She does however, keep a close eye on us; she is clearly very aware of when we are observing her.

These two photos were taken with my 300mm (600mm equiv.) lens on a tripod.

Looking Right

Looking Left

To give you some sense of the setting, here's the overall environment. This shot was taken with my 60mm lens.

Turkey Scene

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