Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tranquility Base

For those regular readers of this blog, you know that I walk around "the res" a lot. I've gone around it several hundred times. Now you might wonder what is the attraction. I enjoy the exercise, and also a walking meditation. Sometimes I use the time to work through problems that kept me up the night before. Other times I use it as a true meditation break, keeping in the moment, concentrating on my steps and what I see, not trying to judge or analyze but just to accept the beauty of my surroundings, and the changing views as I make my way around. And then there is something soothing about water. While I love a walk in the woods, a walk in the woods where one is always in sight of water is even better.

The reservoir surface is never really the same every time. Sometimes it is choppy, other times quiet, still, and smooth. Sometimes reflecting the clouds above, sometimes almost black with few reflections. The wind, the sun, the clouds, the time of day all affect these observations.

I'm just going to share a single photo in this post. It isn't even taken with my beloved Olympus camera, but rather with my cell phone. Often it's more about the moment than about resolution or sensor size or any other specs. Sometimes it's just about seeing what's in front of you.

I call this "Peace and Tranquility", because that's how I feel when I look at it, and that's the feeling I had when I took it.

Peace and Tranquility

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