Sunday, September 17, 2017

Before the Rain

Our third day staying in Lubec brought us a weather forecast of hard rain all day. We got a bit lucky as the rain managed to hold off for most of the morning and even slightly after the noon hour. We just finished our hike on the Ridge Trail at Bog Cove when the sky let loose an impressive rain. Today's post contains the photos before that, and also some mid-afternoon marsh/flats shots of an area just south of Quoddy head that we passed on the way back, during a break in the rain.

Lush Mist

Cove Below

Looking Down

We saw a lot of white moss on the Ridge Trail.

Winter White

Ridge Zone

Helping Ladder

The Trail Beckons

We'd gotten so used to various types of moss and wildflowers everywhere that these tall grasses were a rare site on this particular trail.

No Need to Mow

Bunches on Trees

The remaining photos below were all taken from roughly the same spot. As mentioned, there was a break in the rain, and we'd pulled off the road to get a better look.

Marsh Stage Left

Marsh Stage Right

Middle Marsh

Is this called a tiny lighthouse?

Lighthouse in the Flats

Because this particular area has such a gentle slope, the water moves out a considerable distance during low tide.

Back in Six Hours

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