Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Auto Show 2019

Here it is June of 2019, so I figure it's time to catch up on this blog. I attended the 2019 auto show in Boston back in January, and since the prior blog post is about the 2018 show, might as well follow it up with some photos from the 2019 show.

In addition to "regular" cars, naturally the auto show had some "specialty" cars, including some McLaren racing cars and Rolls Royces.

Purple Entry
More shots of this McLaren appear below.

Here's a stock vehicle that even "regular" people can buy.

Luxury Light


Pricey Grill

While the above Rolls has a white translucent hood ornament, this next one is chrome.

Self Portrait on Wealth

Here's a quickie close-up (crop of prior photo):
Rolls Royce Flying Thingy

Tail Patterns

Metallic Paint

There's something about spiffy looking wheels that I find difficult *not* to photograph. A variety of wheels and tires are included below.

Ferrari Gold

Brake Job

Star Drums

Corner Power

Halloween Theme

Gull Wing Beauty

Inside Grill

In contrast to the modern expensive and/or fast cars, there were very few antique cars at the show. This one caught my eye.

Dynamo of Yesteryear

This orange Corvette was very small and cute.

Corvette Sweetness

Road Runner

I just kept coming back to that Corvette...

Classic American Emblem

Boyhood Dreams

Sign Me Up

Hood Open

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