Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rock Garden

Gretchen, the president of the Ashland Garden Club, invited Deb to create a raised rock garden as a special demonstration event for members. Deb installed it yesterday at members' Hilary and Peter's place. This was attended by members and friends. Except for the focal point holly, most of the plants are succulents. Deb has experience with drought tolerant rock gardens, both at our home, and at one of the Ashland traffic islands (near Shaw's on 126), where she created another raised rock garden six foot across atop the existing concrete triangle last year.

Deb's creativity, experience, and perseverance were on display as she created the new garden in two hours plus. Some of the rocks were "native", having previously been residing across the street in the woods or in the backyard. The Ashland DPW supported this event by letting the homeowners collect rocks from the DPW junk piles. Under Deb's direction, observers stepped in to assist as the garden formed before our very eyes.

The rock garden was a complete success as you can see from the photos below. Audience members cheered and clapped at the finish.

Not to be forgotten, I want to also give a shout out to the host residents, Hilary and Peter, who were very accommodating.  Peter introduced many of us to Pimm's, a cordial drink served mixed with ginger ale, apparently often served at Ascot, or so we were told; delicious and refreshing on a warm summer day!



Placing Rocks

Finding Humor

At Times, You Can Get Two Plants from One

Sharing a Lesson

Group Effort

Showing Where

Rock Please

Using Cocoa Husks to Support Plants in Pockets

A Welcome Visitor

Let's Discuss

Leaning In

Floating Signature

Into the Wild



Wet Rock

Rock on a Cliff


Deb took this next photo on her cell phone after she decided to stop for the day. She thinks it will be completed after a layer of smaller rocks are added on top of the exposed dirt to help with erosion issues.

Complete Rock Garden

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