Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Spring Color

Summer has arrived, yet some of my recent spring flower photos haven't been blogged. This post begins to rectify that.

Below I present some favorites.
As is my usual custom, photos are taken with natural light, hand held, most with my 60mm (120mm equivalent) Olympus macro lens, unless otherwise stated.


This first shot was taken with my 12-40mm lens at 40mm. Taken in the morning after some rain the night before.

After the Rain

Here I'm experimenting with using my telephoto lens for shots of nearby flowers. This focal length is 258mm (516mm equivalent). To take this I have to stand at least three feet away or more due to the minimum focus distance requirement of this lens.

Blue Jester

Another shot with my telephoto at 240mm (480mm equivalent):

Bleeding Heart Arch

The rest of the photos are taken with my 60mm macro. This lens proves itself time and again to be my favorite for all close flora and fauna.

Yellow Licks

Top Down Fun

Sunlit Yellow Repro Center

Simple Elegance

While this may look like a specimen on a slide, it is actually a shot taken at extremely close range of lungwort (pulmonaria) just beginning to bloom. The item pictured is roughly one quarter inch across. I've learned that the odd name "lungwort" comes from the leaves of this plant (not shown), which appear similar to lungs.

New Life Forming

Six-sided Symmetry

Look at the natural checkerboard petals on this guinea-hen plant:


Here's a crop of the above photo to get a closer view of the anthers carrying pollen on the stamens.

Pollen at Checkerboard Center

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