Monday, July 22, 2019

Wild Kingdom

This post is all about animals doing their normal daily activities. My camera captures them in their natural habitat,... perhaps they're searching for food, or perhaps just whiling away the afternoon.

This painted turtle is soaking up the sun resting on a log. Must be time for afternoon sunbathing.

Show Off

The turtle is looking directly at me where I stand on the shore. Still, it seems largely unconcerned about my presence. I'm about 20 feet away and there's water between us. Smart turtle.

The Look

All turtles come aboard! This appears to be the log to sunbathe on. It would seem that turtles are social animals. Maybe some of them are siblings?

Party Time

I was amused by the stance of this robin. Sort of looks like she's looking around something to see what new danger lurks.

Robin on Patrol

Does this duck have any idea what beautiful golden water he's gliding through?

Water Glide

Baltimore Orioles are not commonly seen in our yard, so I was delighted to see this one gracing our hawthorn tree, even for a quick visit.

Oriole Peek

Red-winged blackbirds love to stand on tall skinny objects like these cattails on Farm Pond.

Balancing Act

This one found a different perch to survey the situation on the pond.

Deciding the Next Move

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Garden Reds

"Reds" often inspire thoughts of red wine. Here are some tulip reds and a sand cherry.

These first three photos are all of the same tulip. It was Deb's idea to pose it against our purple wall for the first photo. The second and third photos are also taken indoors against a neutral sunlit window backdrop.

I found a fascinating site all about shades of red here: This tulip explodes with red at varying brightnesses depending where you look. There are darker reds and a color approaching ruby red (which is more of a "purple-red" according to that site).


Curl Up for Joy


This last photo is of a sand cherry taken outdoors in our garden. It's not exactly "red"; perhaps its leaves are more of a "claret" (wine) color.

Sand Cherry in the Light

All photos © 2019, all rights reserved.  Contact for licensing or to order prints.