Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Santa Cruz

We visited Santa Cruz in May. This particular set of photos were all taken the same day. The weather was quite unpredictable most of that day: we got rained on more than once. Yet it kept clearing as well. For this photo set I sometimes left the skies gloomy, but I also experimented with brightening things up a bit during post processing on some of the photos.

The "world famous" Santa Cruz Boardwalk provided enjoyable sightseeing opportunities. I visited it many times in the past when I used to live in California. It appeared more colorful than I recall. At the time we were there most stores and all rides were not open.

I've ridden this roller coaster before. It's great fun!

Coaster Heights

Typhoon in the Sky

This is one of those rides that keeps circling around. Apparently it needed some maintenance.

Fixing the Ride

Colors of Fun

As we walked along West Cliff Drive away from the Boardwalk towards other coastal views, we passed this bloom.

Sidewalk Sight

We saw these words of wisdom just adjacent to one of the stairways that descend down to the water as we walked along the Steamer Lane surfing area.

Good Suggestions

Surfers Below

Rock Topper

Powered by Nature

We strolled along Lighthouse Field State Beach just north of Lighthouse Point.

Standing Beyond the Arch

Rock Formations

We stopped to admire the Surfing Sculpture.

Looking Right

And another view:

Monument to Santa Cruz's Favorite Pastime

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