Thursday, October 10, 2019

Alpaca Faces

We arrived at this year's Dragonfly Festival just after it ended. While that wasn't our original intention, at least we got to meet up with some good friends as they were packing up.

The alpacas were headed home from their day in the children's zoo petting area. I had just a few quick moments to grab some photos. It was around 6 pm (dusk), so the light was dimming as well, not ideal for photography. I had my 75-300mm telephoto lens on the camera and snapped a quick series as the alpaca caretaker was strolling by with his animals.

I was quite close to the alpacas so that I had to use the lens at its shortest focal length, in fact having to step back slightly. Fortunately, at 75mm this lens performs admirably, taking sharp photos, at least within the depth of field of the focal plane.

Alpacas are similar to llamas in appearance, except that alpacas are smaller. They have very soft hair; alpaca hair fiber is used to make a variety of clothing not unlike what is made with sheep's wool.

Lost in Thought

Chewbacca's Cousin

While the (admittedly crooked) teeth in this next photo aren't precisely in focus, I thought I'd share this alpaca smile with you:

Smiling For the Camera

Bangs Need Trimming

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