Friday, October 4, 2019

Beautiful Crocosmia

Crocosmia is a flowering plant in the iris family. That said, it doesn't look like any other kind of iris I've ever seen. We have some crocosmia that delightfully, and somewhat unexpectedly, manages to bloom in our garden year after year. I always call it our "tropical" plant. It does not look like the type of plant which will survive in our northeast coast climate, but ours does quite well.

It is a really fun name to pronounce too!

I plan to blog more pictures of crocosmia in future posts. This particular capture should give you the basic idea of why I call it "tropical", and, perhaps, why I like it so much.

Warm Gesture

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  1. Stunning! It is a special plant.

    1. Yes! There are actually several varieties of crocosmia; I didn't go into that in the post.