Sunday, October 6, 2019

GPU Boost

It turns out that my camera can take pictures of man-made objects, not just flowers and animals in the natural world.
Who knew?

Here are a few quick pictures of my new PNY nVidia Quadro P400 board I put in my homemade PC. For those that aren't familiar with the world of PCs and electronics, this is a graphics board add-on. This particular one has a form factor that is referred to as "half-height". It is quite a small board being only a few inches high, and thus merited being photographed with my macro lens.

It is a low-end graphics board (not so great for gamers), but one capable of supporting (up to three) 4K monitors. Despite it being "low-end", it has a GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit, capable of processing many simultaneous instructions at the same time, and thus can also be used to solve modern neural network artificial intelligence modeling problems far more quickly than in a computer without this type of GPU.

Parenthetically, this board is also capable of displaying true 10-bit color, rather than 8-bit color, on my monitor, so that color gradients can theoretically display as appearing to be truly continuous when using appropriate software. This feature turns out to be mostly about bragging rights, and has little benefit in day-to-day use.

My PC is designed to be quiet. Thanks to the more modest specifications of this board, it consumes relatively little power and has a fan that runs smoothly and nearly silently.

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GPU Boost

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