Saturday, October 26, 2019

Swan Lake

I love fall in New England. The colors are just so spectacular; we are lucky to get to see the brilliant natural foliage display this time of year.

Not only are the leaves colorful, so is their reflection in water.

While enjoying a recent walk around the Ashland Reservoir (aka the "res") - one of my favorite haunts - camera with telephoto zoom in hand, I spotted a pair of swans gliding along. I've seen these swans at the res before, however on this occasion they managed to enter the fall color zone just as I was rounding that particular corner.

I must emphasize that the gorgeous color you see in the water in the images below is primarily from reflections of the leaves on the nearby shore, *not* from the time of day being sunrise or sunset. Also, the color saturation you see below is largely untouched from the original photos, as taken.

There were two swans, but for some reason my favorite captures only show one of the pair.

Swan Life


Golden Ripples

For reference, here's a quick shot of the overall scene, just *before* I took the above pictures. You can see the swan gliding towards the colorful water.

Swan Entering Fall Color Zone

And here's what one of the swans looked like in "un-foliage reflected" water. I took this after rounding the cove, when the swan had moved and where the sun's rays were also in a different direction.

Color of Water

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