Monday, May 11, 2020

Mourning Doves

While looking out our kitchen window, I noticed a Mourning Dove decided to visit us. It was sitting on our deck railing, and appeared to be in no hurry to leave. I grabbed my camera and started taking photos through the window glass. Since the window was closed, the bird didn't hear or notice my presence at all, and continued contentedly on the railing for a while, long enough so that his/her mate(?) came to visit as well, and from all appearances, they had a conversation.

All photos are taken with my 60mm (macro) lens through window glass, so while they are not as sharp as my usual standards, the effect of the glass wasn't too detrimental, and I was still able to take some shots worth keeping.

I don't normally think of Mourning Doves as being particularly colorful birds, but this pair let me see their true colors. For that I am grateful.


Preening Prep

Self Check

Batman Simulation

Slightly Shy

Hello? I'm Talking to You



Check Out My Backside

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