Friday, May 29, 2020

Parrot Tulips and More

Parrot tulips are more "flamboyant" than most common tulips. Their petals have a unique fringe design with scalloped edges. They're a delight both outdoors and indoors.

The photos in this post are mostly black parrot tulips, which are a deep purple color. When strongly lit, the petals look more red.

This is such a photogenic tulip that I've included several different views here. I've also included a few other flower photos and one frog to break up the set as you scroll through.

This first photo was taken on an indoor windowsill.

Fringe Curve

Rising Above

 Here's a blossom on our crab apple tree:

Neck Pillows

 Grape hyacinths provide a nice break from too many red hues:

Grape Trees

These next two photos are also from our indoor arrangement:

Inside Zone

All Frills

This frog was watching me closely while I took outdoor pictures:

Frog in Mulch

Parrot Petals

Life in the Center

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