Friday, June 12, 2020

Animal Appreciation

Here are three animals in four photos for your enjoyment.

These first two images are of a very tiny spider I saw spinning a web and waiting patiently for prey on the railing of our deck. These are taken with my macro lens. I estimate its body is between 1/8" and 1/4" in length!

Tiny Spider 1

Tiny Spider 2

Here's a much much larger animal. This is Max, a neighbor's dog. He behaves like a human in a dog's body. He always "talks" to us when we visit with him. He vocalizes talking sounds without barking. He's one of the coolest dogs ever.

This is taken with my 12-40mm lens.


We've been seeing a lot of rabbits lately. The old adage suggesting they multiply quickly seems a truism. Here's one grazing in our backyard.

This is taken with my telephoto lens from about 25 feet away. If you look closely you'll see that his/her ear has been split. Guess life is tough out in the wild.

Backyard Bunny

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