Saturday, February 13, 2021


This has been a particularly snowy and cold winter so far, and icicles are a commonly seen result.

When the morning sun hits the icicles hanging off our roof just outside an upstairs window, we get brilliant flashes of light coming through the glass. And I get to open the window and take pictures of the icicles!

There's a lot more going on "inside" icicles than the naked eye normally discerns. The sun glinting off them can be so bright that some of the nearby internal icicle "magic" is hard to see. The camera does a good job capturing all the details of icicles so that we can better appreciate the simple artistry of water slowly changing from one phase to another.


Dog Looks On


Icicles Aglow

Sky Portal

Icicle Udders

Very Pointy

Icicle Phalanx

Climbing Creature

Ice Knee

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