Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Spring Collection

Here's an assortment of photos, mostly taken during the colorful month of May.

This first photo is a cell phone "portrait mode" shot. This mode often works as well for flowers as for people!

These next two photos are of the arrangement Deb made that I mentioned in my prior post.

Arrangement Topside

Attack from the Space Pods

An earlier post, "Spring Happenings Continued", shows this same robin's nest with four eggs. Alas, three had since disappeared, leaving this solo egg. Sad to say, this egg didn't make it either. Evidently, it is sometimes a tough task for birds' eggs to survive "in the wild."

One Egg Left

Phlox Carpet


This is a special lilac with very tiny blooms. This entire photo is about one inch of blossoms wide!

Tiny Lilac Blossoms

Predominantly Pink Peony

Here's an echinacea center with the colorful blooms not yet developed. You'll be able to see the brilliant red bloom in a later post.

Budding Echinacea

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