Thursday, June 17, 2021

Vibrant Color in the Garden

I've got more spring blossom photos to share below. Some of these are roses, which don't bloom just in spring. According to the internet, the spring rose bloom is the first of the season and also the most spectacular. No argument here.


Here's one of our returning favorites: a Joseph's Coat rose. Reminds me of an Orange Julius;)

Rose Tips

These next two are hardy geraniums. They love to be backlit, and have delicate details.

Golden Thread

Lit Geranium

One of our red poppies is next. There's so much going on near the center.

Poppy Complex

Our Fourth of July roses have bloomed in timely fashion before the 4th. They look like fireworks.

Exploding Fireworks

Deb and I have our wedding anniversary in early July, so we also call these our "anniversary" roses.

Celebration Rose

Red roses add additional vibrant color to our garden.

Resting Red Rose

This is Gaillardia, commonly called "blanket flower".

Sun Corona

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