Saturday, October 30, 2021

Season of Color

Deb and I went for an autumn walk at Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton. We'd done paddle boarding there, and thought we'd check out the path around the reservoir. While we didn't have time or energy to go around the entire body of water, we did go partway, and I took some photos. Deb took a few of these as well, but we're not entirely certain exactly which ones.

I took the last few shots in this collection at the Ashland High School.

Reflecting on Fall

Floating Expanse

Stick in the Water

We encountered another hiker/walker with his dog. He said he was okay with me photographing Baxter, who seemed polite enough around us, even if he half hid behind a tree. Baxter has a certain charm, don't you think?


Dancing Green

Center Stage

We sat down on a dock, warming in the sun, and took several pictures from that vantage point. Deb took it, and I post-processed it.


We think Deb took this one as well, maybe by accident. The camera movement may not have been intentional, but the result is quite satisfying.

Fire Down Below

Half and Half

My zoom lens allowed me to get in close - not nearly as close as this photo would suggest - as this dedicated kayaker went paddling by. His identity is unknown. He seems very engaged in the task at hand.

Paddling Dedication

A Simple Peace

Communicating Kayaks

As mentioned earlier, these next two photos were taken at the high school. This fall color is seen immediately adjacent to the brick building, which is a nice plus for the students.

Bursting on to the Scene

Color Toppers

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

First Fall Photos

While September 22 was the first official day of autumn this year, the leaves in my area begin to show their colors several weeks later than that. Mid-October is generally when the colors begin to show in earnest.

Sometimes temps are not even particularly chilly yet. I took these photos in lovely 72 degree weather, two days ago, during yet another walk around the Res. (Have you figured out that I walk around the Res. a lot?)

As you can plainly see, the leaves are definitely beginning to turn their wonderful fall colors.

This is a glorious time of year to be in New England.

All photos are taken with my cell phone.

Reflecting Life

Here is a wider panorama.

Mirror Trees

Scene from the Edge

Though they are quite tiny in this next photo, those are cormorants on logs in the "center" of the image. I often see them relaxing atop those logs. The natural wide angle view of my cell phone is a little deceiving in that the cormorants are actually much closer to me than the furthermost trees seen in the photo, which are just beyond the reservoir dam.

Cormorants Blissfully Basking

Yellow Leaf Zone

Roots and Leaves Discuss

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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Cape and a Cat

Here are a few photos from our summer visit to the Cape. We stayed with our friends who have two cats, one of which is featured below. We went sailing with them and also walked along the shoreline.

Multicolored Beach Umbrella

Cat Eyes

Boats in the Water 1

Boats in the Water 2

Boats in the Water 3

Boats in the Water 4

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Natural Triptych

This is a photo of a small body of water that sits adjacent to the reservoir I walk around. The walking path itself is atop the land which divides the two.

As I was walking by on this particular day, I noticed how extremely green the water appeared. I wondered if it was an algae bloom. My research found that some algae blooms are harmful and others not. Regardless, the striking color caught my eye and I grabbed a photo with my cell phone.

Natural Triptych

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Monday, October 4, 2021

Diverse Impressions

As I review my photos taken over different days, sometimes I feel the need to share just a few, even if they're not necessarily related to one another.

Perhaps a photo that speaks to me will speak to you as well.

Here's a cell phone shot taken of one of my favorite sections of the walk around the Res. Whenever I'm there, I feel like the trees are inviting me to walk among them.

Trees Show the Way

Back home, in our garden, bees get speckled with pollen on them as they go about their business.

Pollinator - Top View

Pollinator - Side View

This lily looks a whole lot better than it smells. We had a blossom from this plant inside for a few days, but the smell became a bit strong! Certain lilies are best enjoyed outdoors. 

Lily Life

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