Friday, February 25, 2022

Greenhouse Winter Warmth

Deb and I recently visited nearby Weston Nurseries' greenhouse to enjoy a brief respite from the cold winter weather. While Deb perused the plants in the greenhouse, I was drawn to the orchids on display, and one wooden sculpture.

Whether or not the center of orchids resembles small people, skiers, angels, or something else, you can decide; regardless, I find their design a natural wonder. These are all Pixel 4a cell phone pics.

Take a look below.

WN Orchid 1

WN Orchid 2

WN Orchid 3

WN Orchid 4

I neglected to take note of the name of the artist who made the wood sculpture shown in these next two photos. My apologies to the artist. (After that is determined, I'll update this blog.)

Floating in the Clouds

A closer view:

Long Meditation

WN Orchid 5

WN Orchid 6

All photos 
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