Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Marathon Faces

Marathon Monday, the day when the Boston Marathon is run, fell on April 18 this year.  This is Patriots' Day, which is celebrated on the third Monday in April in six states. The Boston Marathon was cancelled in 2020, and run on October 11 in 2021 due to Covid concerns. Wikipedia (see says the Boston Marathon has been run every year on Patriots' Day since its inception in 1897, even during the World War years, except for 2020 and 2021.

We are fortunate to live near the race route, and I usually cheer the runners on and take some photos.

Here are a few select faces of the 2022 Boston Marathon.

2022 Boston Marathon - 01

2022 Boston Marathon - 02

2022 Boston Marathon - 03

2022 Boston Marathon - 04

2022 Boston Marathon - 05

2022 Boston Marathon - 06

2022 Boston Marathon - 07

2022 Boston Marathon - 08

For this next photo, in sticking to the "Marathon Faces" title of this post, I used the "faces" of the gauges on one of the fire trucks that is always standing by in case of an emergency.

2022 Boston Marathon - 09

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