Monday, May 16, 2022

Muir Woods

During my recent visit with my son in San Francisco, we decided to visit Muir Woods. We were pleasantly surprised when he was able to get us a parking reservation, which is the only way one can visit Muir Woods these days. This national monument has became so incredibly popular in recent years, and, especially since the arrival of Covid, requiring reservations keeps the number of simultaneous visitors down to a reasonable amount.

We took our time strolling through the main path of Muir Woods, always looking upward with awe at the incredible redwoods. The environment is lush; one feels completely surrounded by nature. Cameras in hand, we stopped frequently to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy this very serene and inspiring place. Muir Woods is truly special. I felt immediately tranquil upon entering the main grove. It helped that the number of other visitors was low, and so instead of feeling crowded or rushed, with zero effort, all I felt was an immediate soothing of the senses, as a peaceful meditative calmness came over me.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this memorable visit.

Muir Woods #1

Muir Woods #2

The main nature walk is two paths that go along both sides of Redwood Creek. Most folks walk to the end on one side, cross a small bridge, and return on the other side.

Redwood Creek

Muir Woods' Main Trail

Muir Woods #3

Muir Woods #4

Muir Woods #5

Muir Woods #6

Muir Woods #7

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