Monday, May 16, 2022

SF Zoo

While visiting my son and grandson in San Francisco, we went to the San Francisco zoo. Great fun! While the main attraction for my (almost) 4-year-old grandson wasn't so much the animals as the "Little Puffer" train, I did take the opportunity to photograph some of the animals and even some flowers as we walked along the various zoo paths to and from the "train station."

Here are some highlights.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Observer

Pretty as a Peacock

California Poppies

Zoo Path Adornments

This rhino is missing its horn, and that makes me sad. Apparently, in some cases, conservationists are preemptively cutting off rhino horns in an effort to actually save them from poachers. It's an impressive beast nonetheless: that is one huge head.

What's For Lunch?

Penguin Playtime

Little Puffer On the Way

Little Puffer Engine

Looking Sharp

This next photo is of a northern bald ibis.

Unique Flyer

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